Friday, March 28, 2014

Gas Station Story

It was a gorgeous late afternoon, still light, but no longer hot enough to complain about.
I was rushing from an afternoon meeting that had gone overly long by turning social, heading back to my apartment. I was moving again. And way behind on packing.

I pulled the truck into the end stall at a Quik Trip and started pumping gas.
Soon a man, dressed in dirty clothes approached holding an empty cup.
He stopped at a respectful distance and said "Excuse me."
I was close to the amount I planned to fill the tank so rather than leave my spot to dig change from my ashtray I said "Just a minute." 

He waited there patiently with his cup while I finished, hung up the nozzle, reached into my truck and the dug change out of the console, which I then popped out and dropped into his waiting cup.

...At which point he looked at the coins and said "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!"

Photo by Benjamin Hedrick Photography
"I... I thought... you....?"

"OH!! Oh No! I...I just... I just got off of work, that's why I'm all dirty. I had the cup... I was going to take it inside to get a refill.... Oh nooo. You thought. You thought I.... I was just going to ask if you were single... like if I could have your number... I was going to ...get a refill... in this cup..."

We were both so embarrassed. 
I told him I was moving. I didn't give him my number. He did pour my change out of his cup into my hand. We parted ways.

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