Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Random Thoughts of the Week:

1. During Coffee Talk with one of my girlfriends we came to the conclusion that it's not a good sign at all that we have incorporated the fairly new word 'rapey' into the vocabulary.
As in "He's.... ok... it's just... he's a little rapey, you know?"
That really shouldn't be a word, rapey, but it's a reality, so it's a word.

2. Even if I think what he's saying it absolutely absurd, if I man talks with passion and confidence there's a good chance I'll still think it's kinda sexy. Even if it's really really Not.

Photo by Notley Hawkins 
3. Leave something if you want to be remembered. A book. A song. A mark. Even if that something is a thought I wouldn't have had without you.
That something should NOT be a mess.

4. My life theme, I'd rather regret something I did than regret something I didn't do.
I want those memories, the ones that come with doing a full body paint photo shoot while pushing 40; being on an art team that gets a reaction for better or worse; writing the things and saying them out loud that maybe should have been kept to myself.
At least it's a story.
"When making decisions, choose the one that will make a good story."
This does not carry over to random sexual partners. Each partner leaves me some residue; some sparkles, some smears of soot. I'm not wasting canvas space.

5. I think I like twitter finally. It completely eliminates the need for 'inner dialog'. It's not like FB where you make sure it's interesting to at least part of your audience and (please) don't post back to back to back all day long, making all of your posts watered down, annoyances, or sound like requests for more attention.
Nope, this is twitter. You just say whatever pops in there. Like no one is reading it anyway.


  1. 1. Definitely a word, and I'm keen on creating both a secret symbol and a secret gesture to go with it.

    2. You are awful kind with your appreciation of possible sexiness.

    3. A book! A book! I can keep any book, but very little else. A book says, "I am a book!" while anything else says, "This is a memory of someone you don't want around!"

    4. "At least you have a good story from it," said the sick neighbor out on the street as he helped me with my latest problem.

    5. More attention, please!

  2. #5 Twitter is very liberating in that I don't think anyone is really reading me, so its like a roaming notebook where when I open it Ellen is there,also not listening to me. It's so absurd because everyone is talking but no one is listening. But you can talk as if you aren't on stage, but mumbling to yourself on the streets.
    Without being one of those guys who mumbles to self on streets.

  3. omg, so accurate about twitter. and you can make a good story out of Anything. ;) <3