Friday, June 7, 2013

Top 5: Things You Shouldn't Mix with Vodka:

Yes. I've tried them all. No, the terribleness of these experiments did NOT stop me from drinking them and make me waste (previously) perfectly good vodka; I still drank them, I'm just trying to stop you before you have to make that choice.

5. Tomato Sauce. It's tempting on a Sunday morning to think that if you wake up and sportsball is about to start, and there's no Bloody Mary mix around, that you could water down some tomato paste, sauce, maybe even a little Ragu...
It doesn't work that way.

4. Camamille Tea.
Sometimes you're just desperate to go to sleep. Someone might think that two relaxers in one might be brilliant. Someone might think that... Then that Someone would taste this concoction and come to the totally philosophical conclusion that you can't race into relaxing into sleep.

                                                                                   3. Merlot.
Look, just drink the wine then shoot the vodka with sugar and a lemon* and call it a lemon drop or whatever, but don't put the vodka in it, either with the idea of the wine as a mixer or with the thought that the vodka will give the wine that extra 'kick'.
* Any citrus fruit will do if lemon not available.

2. Pickle juice.
A couple of girlfriends who also liked pickle juice and I decided to pull out the special glasses and make 'pickle juice martinis' one evening. This is the closest I've come to dumping out a drink.

1. Pedialyte.
It sounds like such a solid plan: Flavored beverage that re-hydrates you while you drink so that you are less hung over. Just... Don't.

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  1. You need to try a Gatorade mix. Looks cooler in a glass than Pedialyte.