Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Are Taylor Swift and Pink using me?

Don't get me wrong, I like these girls, even if Taylor Swift songs can get uber annoying, very quickly. But I'm starting to get this paranoid feeling that they are sometimes, just maybe, following me around to get materials.
How else would the F-you break up songs always get released as I was breaking up, and play as I was driving by the exit that I would no longer be turning off on? How else would the songs about being sober come out as I got that way; the songs about starting over become popular as I started over yet again, just like they say; and ...and...?
Probably because, as a friend told me, everything is cyclical. It all comes back around, and at some point most of the public will be in that exact same spot you are in. Thus is pop music.

I have this particular disgust right now with a Taylor Swift song in which she tells me that a disappointing relationship (or two) were My Fault. Why? Because I knew the guys were, each in their own way, cads. In this song, obviously written as an attack on me and using really grating affects by a producer who I must have wronged in a past life, she brings around the idea that if you Knew the guy was trouble then it's your (my) fault that he was not good to or for me.
At first I'm like "Look bitch, I totally thought I was special! I was different. You can't pin this on me." But she keeps at it and eventually I do wonder... If I chose to be with someone with a reputation am I asking to be treated badly?
Of course she does it in first person, as if she is the idiot, so it can't be proven it's a personal attack, but I hear it; I know.

Just to be nice she makes up for it with Begin Again, the rarer heard song that reminds me not of one guy, but of all of them, in their time. Each new person helps you begin again and know that (love)life goes on. And that whoever he was who didn't like it when I wore high heels (or didn't think I could write or that I dressed wrong, or whatever else) someone else would like that about me, just like I Do.

So I guess, even though they get a little invasive at times, I'm glad I have these girls who seam to know me somehow. I think I will head over to spotify and listen again to The Truth About Love and feel like I'm laughing with Pink the same way she does with Ellen.


  1. i say it's perception. since these artists are played nonstop, they are BOUND to be played at precisely the time when it will tug the heart strings,

    1. I do hope the tongue-in-cheek nature of that claim isn't lost on anyone. I'm really quite sure neither of them are tailing me and my life for story lines. ;)